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Thread: J Ryall reels

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    Default J Ryall reels

    Hello all,I am looking at purchasing a new fly reel and came across a J Ryall Standard #8.I like the fact that it is American made but would appreciate some pros/cons on this reel.Any feedback would be appreciated.Thanks

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    I have never seen a Ryall as big as the No 8 but I know people that had the smallers ones in that series. They say they have the smoothest of any drag. Playing with the smaller reels the drag does seem very smooth.

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    I have a Ryall for my 6 wt set up. I bought it from Hook and Hackle several years ago (H&H doesn't appear to handle them these days). It more than does the job, is beautifully made, and trouble-free.


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    I have 5 J Ryalls fron #4 to #10 including 2 #8.Matter of fact I used my #6 today for pickerel and bass.I fish Ryalls a lot for freshwater as well as the salt and have only had one problem and that was my fault,not the reels.The #8 is one of my go-to reels for the surf here in Delaware and it handles it well.Blues,stripers,trout and flounder are all caught with this reel.I fish more expensive reels but I usually pick my Ryalls first.I just like them.They are excellent reels and you wont go wrong with them.They can take the punishment.

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