I seems my cananser has gotten th better of me so I am doing a few things on my buctlist, I well shily miss this web sight and the people who spend time here, One of the thing I wanted to do might not sem impressable to othre but it yo fish home water I grewup on but never had the op to float, this water is the wallawalla river form lowden washington to the bridge at toughet gardena road. It my not seem like blue water wate to some of you if you have nver fished it, I have seen 20 lbs steelhead hooked and landed out of this water and it is just about peak time for this river, It is buetiful little desart rivr with salmon an small mouth bas you dont know what kind of mixed bag you could end up with and for a last fish I could think of any ware else I would want to spend it, we plan on putting in at south lowoden bridge to start the float on th morning of the 23 or 24 well I JUST wanted to say my goo byes this site has been fun and intertaning I have lerned a lot I hope I have past on some thing I have learnd, I do wish I could have met mor of you in person and I am sorry it didnt happen just rememeber I there is something you wanted to do dont wait time like for me has a thing about running out before we get them dune
GrayGhostAKA Ray Brdley