What a great time...

I got to meet alot of people..

Denny it was great to finally meet you and bs for a bit... Next time my friend.. we will have to fish together

Harry Boyd... You make some really nice bamboo rods.. I got to cast one of them outside... First time ever holding a bamboo or even casting one... It was very nice and the casting was just as smooth and slick as the rod itself... Thank you

cctyer.. It was great chat with you.. lets hook up someday on Taneycomo..

Parrothead.. Nice to have met you.. I know we were tying at the same time but next time we will spend more time BSing..

(did you guys ever get those flames put out from them seahorses??) damn good stuff!!

Maddog.. it was great putting a face to a name.. enjoy those bug.. and tell me if they work for you.. someday.. we need to fish together!!

Antron.. You and Your lovely family.. I enjoyed meeting you both!! Next time buddy we have to go night fishing

I know I meet alot more of you all there.. just that I meet so many cant remember them all

And the fishing on the White River was Great!!

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