durning this stay in the hospital I relized when you check in you leave all dignity at the door, that they measure every thing, weight height blood presure let along what goes in and comes out. Which crossed my mind if I could have snuck inn some lead shot to add to my stools now that would have got them real puzzled why is he passing way moore then what going in and he not loozing any weight, mmm and them IV thing that have to be plugged into the wall why are the cords so short gee it bad enough when you start getting up there in age and you have to go in the middle of the night to have to find the darn plug in just so you can unplug it to take the IV stand in to the bath room to go potty, I started finding myself singing that little old song My Buddy form that old cormercial every time I went to the rest room. Well now on this stay I was treated with radio active Iodine 131 man o man you think it hard to get a nurses attaintion before just have a bio hazard radiation sign put on the room of your door that not to mentiion being in a lead lined room in the first place, tolit rapped in plastic rap special paper runner on the floor where you walk door handles rapped, them there little plastic flim badges the medical staff wore with the paper suits and booties to make a guy feel all so welcome to be there mmm guess I just had to get it all off my chest well thanks all for listoning.