There's been considerable interest in the Sage 389 Light Line rod. At this point, both rods are still available for sale.

For some perspective on my asking price, a Sage 490 just sold on ebay for $543.38 delivered.

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Listed as the Trout Underground's Dozen Best Fly Rods of All Time

Sage LL 389 (8′9″ 3wt)
 Edging out Sage’s 490 LL, the 389 might have been one of the best spring creek/light fly fishing rods of all time, so naturally, Sage – marching to the tune of “more technology is better” – just had to discontinue it. Incredibly smooth, suggestively limber and an amazing fishing tool, the 389 remains one of the few rods that everyone from the bamboo fiends to the techno-rod-geeks can comfortably rave about. Inside dish from more than one industry source suggests Sage’s new line of “progressive” fly rods were designed to cast and fish like the much-missed Lightline rods, a bit of circular manufacturing that should amuse you, assuming you’re not paying today’s higher prices for “yesterday’s” action.

Other reviews from fly fisherman include the following:

I have the Sage 389 LL. IMHO this is the best small stream trout rod they have made. And is the best small stream rods I have ever casted and used.

I have been wanting one of these for years. If you can find a 389 LL, buy it. You will never regret it.

My absolute favorite all-time rod for small streams.

This is my favorite trout rod. Light, with incredible feel, it still has backbone to fight and land big trout. The feel is one thing, I didn't expect this much muscle on such a light rod. If you want to fish dry flies, this rod is a must - it lets you cast so delicately it will even surprise you. The rod is out of production, but you can still find it, and I expect people will snap it up. I found a 3wt 8ft 9in model in mint condition but previously owned, and the shop suggested I put on a Royal Wulff triangle taper line. The line, I found, complements the rod extremely well in giving a light, noiseless presentation. Although the rod is most fun with dries, it can handle nymphing as well. I take this rod to the stream with me even when there is some wind, just in case the breeze dies down and I can switch over from my 5 wt. It'll give you a whole different flyfishing experience.

I have yet to find myself in a situation where I couldn't cast far enough with the 389. I haven't bought another rod since.

The LL is a staple rod for every fly fisher. Simply put, there will always be a stream you are going to fish on where a lighter softer approach will be necessary. Where one will need to slow down a little, open up the cast and pay out line in the lightest most effective manner.

This is the only dry fly rod, don't know why Sage stopped. I have used out of a drift boat with #8 hopper & #12 beadhead with no problems.

The nicest
graphite 3-weight ever made, bar none. Sometimes a maker gets it all just right, and this is one of those times.

This is a great rod for anyone who likes to "be one with the fish."


Model: 389 LL
Length: 8' 9"
Weight: 3
Pieces: 2
Weight: 2 3/8 oz.