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    "Low holed" WTF is that, the guy got in the water well below you and your pissed he didn't let you have the whole river to yourself, If he got in upstream of you would he have "high holed" you? I try to never enter the water above another fisherman as most work upstream You feel being in the water first gives you the right to all the water where your planning to go to? Wow so let me get this right, you get in the water and your entitled to fish the 50 yards below you too and nobody else can fish in the river?? The guy walks all the way around you to get in well below you and he's wrong??? Again, I try to enter the water well below other fishermen as when working a river I always work my way upstream, never down stream. If I were there I would have done the exact same thing as he did.
    I think your a hog, it's you that are wrong & you owe him an apology not the other way around.
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