Fished the Deschutes on the way back home from a wonderful trip to the Yak and got Low Holed on a fifty yard stretch of great water. There wasn't anyone out there except my dad and I. We were wet wading down a stretch of river where you can wade nearly in the middle. This guy saw us from the bank/trail moving down river and popped into the place where it dropped off and you get out, and he moved in.

As we were getting closer (about 15 yards) he started to get out into the last stretch. So very nicely, I yelled, "Thanks for low holing us" because that's where alot of fish lay and he spoiled it. He proceed to say something but I couldn't hear. But from from that distance I could have, and should have cast my fly either at him or across his line. I know it's one thing steelheading and getting really mad, but trout fishing that's BS too???

This guy had all the good gear and should have known better (I think). This is my only gripe from one of the best weeks I've had all year. PLEASE LEARN SOME RIVER MANNERS, (people that think they own the river and actually might LOL) but wearing full waders up to the chest in 90 degree heat, maybe he was trying to showoff his cash. All I got to say is he spoiled one of the best ledges on that stretch before we got to it.

Just ask next time or start up above. Don't pull that type of BS. It's not the way things are done or should be done.