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    I went through my stock and have decided to sale a few items that I am not using any more:

    1) Renzentti Presentation 4000 with Cam Jaws, Salt water base, and a spare parts kit, the vise comes with a renzetti travel pouch carrier. This vise has been used for about five years and is in good condition. I have bought a Renzetti Master and no longer use this vise. I am asking $220 which includes shipping with in the USA.

    2) McKennzie Light that comes with the magnifier. There will be a new spare bulb included. This light fits on most vise shafts and has served me well for 5 years. I just no longer use it ever since I switched to the Day Light. I am asking $60.00 that includes shipping with in the USA

    3) Cortland Endurance 7Ft 3 Weight rod used only twice and is in excellent condition. This Rod comes with an Orvis reel loaded with Cortland 444 DT 3 F peach colored line. THe Rod cost me brand new $169, The Reel , $90 and the line was $40. I am asking for $200 that includes shipping with in the USA

    4) Sage 586-3 VPS Light (LL Series) Rod. This rod has been used about 4 times and is in excellent condition. I just have to many rods and this one never comes along for the ride. I am asking $225 that includes shipping with in the USA.

    Please contact me via E-mail at DoCaFish@comcast,net.

    The cortland rod set-up is a very sweet rod and orvis reel is still up for grabs. If you never casted or fished with a Cortland, you would be surprised just how nice this rod is. I will be including pictures of it shortly.
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