I've been using Pentax waterproof cameras since their first model came out - very happy with them. I keep my Optio W20 with me on the water (kayak, float tube, boat, wading, you name it). I bought a sturdy retractable clip for it (similar to what you'd have for holding your badge at work or the retractable thingies we keep forceps on when fishing - but sturdier). That keeps me less paranoid about it falling out of a pocket and sinking.

There are wrist straps available that will float your camera if it falls overboard. A bit bulky but it beats having your camera (and your latest pics) lost in a deep hole.

I would expect the competing offers to also be very good. Find the price point that works for your budget and the general look & feel that you like.

I tried waterproof housings for non-waterproof cameras. Way too much hassle. There are plenty of models available today that are waterproof without needing fancy additional headaches.

They're great for taking underwater shots as well as just protecting your camera if it falls in.

Good luck.