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Thread: Camera for stream-side pics?

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    Default Camera for stream-side pics?

    Hey folks - question about your preferred camera for taking near or in the water.

    I was on my float tube this morning and fortunately had the insight to put my digital camera into a ziplock bag before heading out onto the water because the sewn-in pouches in the tube always sag into the water.

    Which left me with pulling it out of the zip lock to take a pic - then back into the zip lock when done. Which is a total PITA when trying to fish.

    Which leads me to my question - what do you do to keep your camera from getting soaked? Or do you have a camera that can handle the occasional splash or even a dip in the drink.

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    After doing the same "waterproofing by ziplock" as you're doing for about 2 years, I got a Pentax Optio WS80 waterproof digital. Way less headache, way better pics than what I was using.

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    Check out the review in "product reviews" for the aqua pak or just go to waterproofcases.net
    I just recently got case from there, and your camera becomes completely submersible. The quality of your pics is not impaired even though you are shooting through the case.

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    I use an Olympus waterproof most of the time.
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    Hi jimmadsen I use a Panasonic Lumix FT1 it is waterproof and takes a pretty good picture even on the auto setting and has a huge amount of specialised settings as well.
    Here is one with the camera setting on sunset

    and one with the camera set to auto

    I am not very good at taking pics and I do not understand most of the technical stuff but I love this camera. There are of course other brands of waterproof camera, but the Lumix has HD video as well and most of the others do not.
    All the best.

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    Pentax Optio W30 user here.
    Mark 1:17

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