I am posting this all over the place because it's the very best kind of Father's Day gift.

Yesterday the wife, my youngest and I went up to Texoma on the Fly at Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma. I was tasked with teaching fly tying to beginners, mainly kids, for the TPWD Junior Angler Program. My son of course participated and although I wanted someone else to sit with him (old dad can be a bummer sometimes) I did get to sit and coach his foam spider. At the end, as they trundled off to entymology and the other stops, he asked me "can we tie flies when we get home?"

That made my day right there. But then, later on, I got a txt from my wife who was with him out on the lawn at the casting stop, that he was doing great and having a fine time at casting.

My day was complete.