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    Hi All,

    I had a wonderful outing trying to catch White Bass last night. I caught one fish, and slipped on some algae covered slab rock, landing on my rod hand. It happened so fast I did not have the presence of mind to toss or let go of my rod. I landed on my Orvis Trident TLS 6wt and snapped it off about 6 inches above the grip. I filled out the Orvis Rod repair request online today. They say they will respond in 1-2 business days, but my experience with Orvis is a very fast response, usually in hours, so I expect them to respond tomorrow.

    So how long does it usually take to send the rod in, get them to inspect or decide if they will repair/replace it and get a rod back in my hands?? Anyone with this experience?

    I ended up fishing the rest of the evening with my 7 wt. Glad I had another rod with me.


    PS: Timeline

    Sat 4/10 - Broke Rod falling in stream while fishing.
    Sun 4/11 - Filled out Orvis Repair request on web site.
    Mon 4/12 - Received Repair order from Orvis at 8:13AM. I expected a quick response from Orvis, and was not disappointed! Packaged up rod.
    Tues 4/13 - Dropped Rod off at FedEx. 4-day ground shipping.
    Fri 4/16 - FedEx reports rod delivered to Orvis.
    Fri 4/16 - Orvis called, offered choice of rods, placed replacement order!
    Mon 4/19 - Got UPS tracking no. from Orvis for replacement rod.
    Fri 4/23 - Bog Brown Truck showed up with replacement Rod!

    Case closed! I am very satisfied with Orivs customer service in this case.
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