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Thread: Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

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    Default Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

    First allow me to admit to being a bit lazy today. This topic was brought up two Summers ago and I don't want to trudge thru two years of threads to find my answer. Besides I couldn't even think of what keyword to put in the search engine.

    This has two parts:
    A) Hawks, Falcons and even Bald Eagles are making a strong comeback in Northeast OH. There is a large field next to my house; which is a fantastic hunting ground for a couple of hawks (Gosshawk and Red Tail) and a falcon. Trust me when I say being strafed by a bird of prey traveling 30+ mph after a meal is not as exciting as it may seem especially if your head is down or if they come from behind. This brings me to my first question. During such maneuvers and subsequent result feathers from the hawks and falcon do manage to land in my yard especially when they use my pear tree as a post attack perch.

    As I remember the the thread from before:
    • Yes, I can use the feathers.
    • Yes, I could fish the flies made from said feathers.
    • No, I could not give some of the feathers to my brother or friends to tie with.
    • No, I could not give away or sell flies made from said feathers.
    Am I correct in my thinking or are the feathers something for my daughters to collect and not be used?

    B) On a recent trip to our famed Cleveland Zoo, while near the Flamingo exhibit my youngest started collecting flamingo feathers thinking they would make nice flies. She was questioned about her actions, because she had reached in to the exhibit, by a uniformed (with badge) employee of the Zoo. Knowing why she was collecting the feathers, his response was please don't reach too far into the exhibit because the flamingos may bite her. (note: at no time was my daughter in harms way the flamingos were on the other side of a very large exhibit.) Was the 'Ranger' not aware of some laws against their use? Can I use the flamingo feathers freely or do the above points come in to play? (Frankly, I could see them making a nice veil for an egg pattern.)
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