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    Default Fly tying bookas and Magazines

    remodeling of the man cave and the fact that I'm looking to buy a new 9' 8wt dictates the selling of some extra stuff. Here goes...

    1. Fly dressing materials by John Veniard $5.00
    2. Fly tyers almanac by Boyle and Whitlock P/B $10.00
    3. Art flick master fly tyers guide p/b $8.00Sold
    4. Chauncy Lively's fly box p/b $ 8.00Sold
    5. fly tying, an international guide by Taff Price 7.00
    6. Art of fly tying $5.00
    7. Selective Trout by Swisher and Richards p/b $15.00
    All books are in excellent condition and Do Not include shipping costs

    Fly tyer magazines

    vol 5 1982 issues 1-4

    vol. 7 1984 issues 1-4

    vol 8 1985 issues 2 & 3

    1986 spring
    1986 summer
    1986 fall

    1987 spring

    1988 winter

    Magazines are $3.00 ea and I would like to keep the volumes intact if possible but will sell individuals if you really want/need one issue.

    If someone takes all the magazines I'll throw in the hard cover binders they are in. Total magazine package $60.00 + shipping
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