OK, I recently saw a post regarding the use of a Gallows Tools...maybe you like 'em, maybe you don't.

After reading Tying Flies The Paraloop Way, I decided to try one..went to the the fly shop and found one for 20.00 plus, passed and simply made one.

Take the the nut off your vise that holds your bobbin rest to the local home mart and visit the area that has metal rods...buy the size that fits...I bought a 36" piece for about 1.75.

You can play with the dimensions to fit your vise but here is what I did...

Cut about 27" of rod, 3" in add a 90* bend, go up about 5.5" then add about a 45* going perpendicular the first bend, go about 3" up then bend back to vertical, up 7" bend about 50-60* opposit of the 45* bend, out 5 inches then bend down to almost 90* and down about 3" I used a bent paper clip to hold a spring and added some shrink wrap to the end to hold the clip and spring....now on the end of the spring I simply add a split ring and use that to attach a hackle plier.

Sounds complicated but seriously takes about 5 minutes to make.