Okay.. we're soon going to be at that dreaded stage where the water is too thin to walk on and too thick to throw a fly through. So, let me pick your collective brains with this scenario.

You are limited to 2 flies, one top water and one wet to take the Biggest bass in your given system.

I have about 4 patterns that consistently take quality fish for me but limiting it to two; they are:

(my variations of - I add this because the poor guys who invented these flies would cry if they saw how I've "butchered" their great creations )

The Stealth Bomber


The Bunny Leech

Probably 80% of my bass flies are tied on a 1/0 Stinger style hook or a Gamakatsu SC15. The leeches have epoxy heads with either chain bead or dumbell eyes.

So, what are your choices for big bass?