My name is Michael, I am fourteen, and although I have long since been introduced to fly fishing, I have had little experince. When I can do some fly fishing I do it in the lower mountains of North Carolina. I have the basic fly tying equipment, (minus the full capes, I do however have a little brown and grizzle hackle) and more is on the way right now. I am intending and looking forward to fishing in the spring.

I know the names nymph, mayfly, caddis, emerger, spinner, ect. But if I was put on the river during a hatch and told to identify the insects, I probably couldn't do it if my life depended on it. Basically I know very little about the specifics of the insects, and I know for example, that the Larva Lace Midge is a productive fly but I couldn't tell you when to use it. I have a lot of head knowledge but little experience/application.

So to get to the point, I would like to know if you could tell me what you would put in the inventory of one fly box for early spring, in the lower mountains of North Carolina. If you could, please include colors, I know you are supposed to "match the hatch" so it helps to know what colors each fly should be tyed in. Granted, these may (and probably will) be some of the flies from the beginning and intermediate. That's ok and it will probably help because I can easily access the directions. And one more thing, I would like to know when certain insects hatch(ex. time of day and year), how to know what they are, and the best imitations for those insects for an intermediate level tyer, I know this because I have already tyed some of the flies on that level. I hope you can be of help.