I thought this might be a good place to put this thread, especially since it has everything to do with fly tying.

I am in the process of putting to video, the entire 20 part Introduction to Fly Tying series that Al Campbell wrote for FAOL.

The first installment is already up, under the "Part 1" of Al's series.

I will be getting them to Ron Tidd as quickly as I can produce them, and he will be adding them to each part of Al's series as quickly as he can.

We hope that this will add to the beginning fly tying experience for all who wish to start down this wonderful adventurous road, and perhaps even show a few seasoned tyers a few new tricks.

Check back often to see new installments, and if you hear of anyone who is interested in learning to tie flies, please be sure to recommend that seiries to them. It's already benefitted hundreds of members and non-members alike.

Thanks everyone,