Saw this thread some time back and it caught my interest. the only up turn eye experience I've had is with larger streamers for salmon and steel head. Hook sizing 2, 1/0 and 2/0 ~

In my area everything is warm water and salt water fishing. Every so often I do get to the mountains for some trout fishing but that's a long haul from home base and can only do so on rare occasions. As for the warm water there are several marl pits around these parts, good for L/M bass and bream (bluegill). Plus there's the Waccamaw River, same kind of fish except black crappie added to the mix - There are cat fish, too, but that's not my pursuit, but happy if I "run into one"!

Recently decided to try tying out some patterns using smaller up turn hooks. Ordered out a few of the Dailchi 1740 up eye nymph hooks, size 10.

Tied up a few nymphs (I suppose kinda down the lines of a Pheasant Tail), a few streamers (hey, maybe close to a Black-nosed Dace) ....AND a very few soft hackle wets (which work pretty good in the marl pits).

Caught a few fish, but more importantly, I liked the action of streamers and nymphs in the river much better then the straight and down turn eye hooks I had been using. Perhaps this is due to my fly tying "technique"?

Plan on tying up a few more variations, and for sure, keeping some up turn eyed hooks in the ready.