What have you people done to me? Some of you have read my posts about my wife getting me a vise and tools for Christmas, and my progression(or should I say obsession)into fly tying.

Last night, I realized how bad it is. I have a nice park near my house in Mississippi with a little lake and a walking trail around it. Last night I decided to go for a little exercise. The trails wind back and forth, with the lake in the middle. The lake has all kinds of ducks and geese that the kids love to feed during the day. Well at night, turns out they sleep, and they sleep right next to the trail. I walked by sleeping geese, sleeping ducks, and other water fowl in various stages of rest. As I walked, I found myself not looking at birds, but at saddle hackle that I desperately need. I felt like I was at bass pro picking out the colors I want. I saw white, black, grizzled and brown, all in abundance and available for the taking. I saw one of those big ugly ducks that don't exist in nature, only in parks, sleeping on the trail. The walkers in front of me quietly stepped around it, I began to slow. I reached down and poked the duck on the back...the duck continued to sleep. I returned to my walk, my mind buzzing with the possibilitites around me. I left the birds feathers intact, but for how long? If only my vise had come with a warning: "caution, users might feel the urge to pluck a duck"