If you have ever fished in Idaho, Oregon or Montana and enjoyed fishing rivers through private land legally now is your chance to help Utah push this bill through the legislature. The opposition had sent a bill through last year that was defeated in the house thank GOD!!! If the previous bill had been passed, rivers through public land would have been illegal, even though the water is public. Utah had spent millions of dollars to revamp the Provo River to make it one of the best Blue Ribbon rivers in the nation. If the defeated bill would have passed all that work would have been wasted. Land owners could have posted no trespassing signs and deemed the access illegal. Just as home owners provide an easement in front of their home called a sidewalk for public to use, us fisherman, hunters, boaters and any recreators feel we should have the same right on public water. It works in Idaho and Montana and probably other states.
We anglers have worked hard getting ahold of our senators and representatives e mailing calling and even so much as one on one talks with officials to bring to light the advantages this new bill will have for our future recreators. Lorie Fowlkes, a Utah representative has drafted a bill after spending countless hours on tours and conversing with anglers on the issues at hand. She has come up with a bill that would benefit every recreator in the state of Utah. This bill will even protect landowners as the bill stipulates education to those who plan to recreate these waters. This bill is a WIN WIN situation. We anglers feel that this is setting the stage for other states and would like to set an example as Idaho and Montana. California anglers, this could be an issue for you in the future as well.
Legislature will start hearing in Feburary, while we know that it would be difficult for you to attend these meetings and quite costly, we have hired a lobbyist to have our voice more effectively heard. We have raised $16,000 so far roughly and would like to raise another $14000. We have a paypal link set up directly to Hartley and associates if you would like to help. Our motto is 200 people $50 thats all we need. If economic times have got ya strapped do what you can it all helps.

I want to thank you for your time and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me throught this site.


Current Bill we need to pass

Old BIll from 2009 ammended and defeated 3 times


Utah Water GUardians

Utah On The FLy current thread 200 @ $50