Well this is the first time I have posted. I live in Tulsa and my home water is the Lower Illinois outside of Gore Oklahoma. they had a break in generation last Wednesday and again on Sunday. the weather was better on Wednesday not quite as cold. I figured Some Softhackles and wooley Buggers that I tie would do the trick but action was quite slow on those. I did pick up 5-6 fish on softhackles on Wednesday.

Midges were the ticket and small. I don't have the "Trout Hunter" book by Harrop but I have tried to imitate some of his midges particularly the transitional midge. I picked up a few nice rainbows on that fly in size 22. the main ingredient in the fly is a tail of grizzly hackle tip to imitate a segmented shuck. I had tied up about 10 of these flys but I think mine were too chunky. Very small and very sparse and I think It will be one of my best producers. I've got to get that book to see how he does some of his other midges.

hey I love this site thanks for all the info.