Kendore - 3M 74 is a spray on contact cement. Instructions say to spray both surfaces and let dry for an instant bond, or spray one surface and let dry, then spray second surface and apply wet for a repositionable bond. The regular 3M 77 general purpose spray adhesive works as well, but the 74 is specially formulated for use on foam and porus surfaces. ...[/QUOTE]

Thanks! I've used the 3M 77 stuff in the past to glue sheets of foam together with good results....but only because I hadn't heard of the foam-specific version. I'll switch to that next time!

Bass_Bug - I did something similar a few years ago for a fly swap. Black & yellow layers for a wasp/bee pattern. The real wasps I've seen in the wild aren't always consistent in the thickness of their stripes, so I put a double layer of yellow in for one of the stripes. Just mixes it up a wee bit...

Bugman's posted picture shows a similar effect (the last black stripe is much thicker than the others).