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Thread: celebrity swap #2 - keith fulsher

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    Default celebrity swap #2 - keith fulsher

    Celebrity swap #2 will be the flies of Keith Fulsher. Keith is known for the "Thunder Creek" series of flies. you can tie flies from any of Keith's books, or online sources.

    Here's one place to start:

    I will provide recipes from Keith's book if you cannot find them

    Now the rules

    All standard rules apply. Toe tags, recipes, the correct size shipping box, self address stamped envelope for returning your flies etc etc etc.

    I am giving you plenty of time to tie your flies, so if any flies are received after the due date, they will be returned WITHOUT any swap flies. I don't like to receive flies from a swap 2 weeks after the due date because somebody forgot. I'm sure others don't like waiting either. If you think that is too strict of a penalty, then maybe this swap isn't for you.

    Due to the limited interest in my earlier post regarding "celebrity tyers swap" I will limit this one to 6 tyers including myself. This will be a 6 tyer minimum to make the swap work. Any number under that and its a no go. If there is more interest I will open it up to 9 tyers max.

    Please NO DUPLICATE swap flies.


    Swap deadline: Dec 15, 2009

    1. Normand Largemouth Bass DONE
    2. Rangerman Rainbow Trout In the mail
    3. mr. blur Brown Trout In the mail
    4. ibrb Blacknose Dace Received
    5. bassbug Smallmouth Bass Received
    6. waltryan In the mail
    7. bamboo10 In the mail
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