I seem to be asking a lot of questions about where to find something lately. So I was determined to find this myself without asking, but failed for the last week miserably so here goes again.

I have a Fish Pond Coyote traveling tying bag and in it, it has 4 of these tubes that you put your tying thread in. Well I want to carry more thread/floss/wire than the 4 tubes will allow. I want to find some clear plastic tubes to put spools of thread in. The ones in the bag are 9" long and 1 1/4" in diameter. I have been to every hardware store in town, even thought of getting some clear PVC and making them myself but can't even find that.

Shove me in the right direction fellows. Again, thanks for your constant assistance. I am coming to the conclusion that I really don't tie flies. I think I just collect stuff for fly tying and talk about it a whole lot. Then once in a while I actually make something.