I recently did a bit of administration work checking out the "Just Old Flies" archive listing, and I found some errors. I went through the 500 articles in the archives, and found that some articles misplaced, and other missing completely. I sent Ronn Tidd a list of all the article I could find URL addresses for. The current Just Old Flies article, is "The Proctor" which has been up on the current page, for 8 or 9 weeks.

Here are the past articles that have run on "Just Old Flies" since "The Proctor" (which is still on the current "Just Old Flies" page)... that are not currently listed on the archives listing!

The Cassard ~Eric Austin

The Green Drake Streamer ~Eric Austin

TheWhite Ghost ~Eric Austin

Ibis and White, Wet Fly ~Eric Austin

The Jess (Jesse) Wood Streamer ~Eric Austin

If you cannot find some article, I have all available articles of "Just Old Flies and stuff!" , available in PDF (requires Adobe Reader) or if you wish, I can otherwise send you the correct URL address. You can contact me at....parnelli@comcast.net