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Thread: Put a face to the name

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    Default Put a face to the name

    I was thinking maybe it would be a good idea to put a face to the name. You guys tell me if you agree. Now this is 100% voluntary, if you don't feel like doing it nobody will complain...you know, I just thought it would be cool.

    I'll start but I hope I don't scare anybody

    This is the pond where I pretty much learned how to fly fish.

    The kids

    I mainly fish the surf now and I use conventional and fly fishing gear, here are some pix.

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    I believe I can fly fish

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    Well here are 2 pics...I think you'll agree the 'gill taken on the 2wt is better lookin'.........

    FAOL..All about caring, sharing, & good friends!!

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    Man, is this ever gonna be a bad idea.....
    From a good trip to the Colorado Reever in 2008....
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    Sonny Edmonds

    "If I don't teach them, how will those Grand Kids learn to fish?"
    Lesson 1: What catches fish Vs: What catches fisherman's money.

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    Here's the worst ever taken of me, but I can't dump it. Al Campbell is in it.

    Here's the best. Taken at The Great Northwest Fishing Show in Spokane earlier this year.
    Where you go is less important than how you take the steps.
    Fish with a Friend,
    Lotech Joe

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    This is going to be fun!

    Please allow me to introduce my family:

    The Molcsan Clan
    Michael, Susan & Steve
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    Martin McFly, You don't look anything like the guy who portrays your character in the films "Back to the future I II & III". What gives?
    I'm either going to, coming from or thinking about fishing. Jim

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    here's my ugly mug

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    what tags are you guys using to get it to put full size pictures in a post here?

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    I'm not good at posting pictures, so I posted a link to a thread on another fly fishing board that had a couple of pictures of me taken last weekend. That post is not showing here. Is there a rule against posting a link to another Fly board? Not complaining, just trying to understand so I don't break any rules here. Thanks!

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    Default McFly?

    To answer Jim's question. My nickname has nothing to do with Marty McFly from Back to the Future, it's McFly because I love to fly fish, lol. Cut me a break, I decided the name in secs. If that's going to be an issue I can always change my nickname to Martin de la Fly or something or Martin McMosca LOL.

    To post full size pix I opened an account on photobucket and copied the IMG link, it's an easy way to post pix anywhere. Send me a pm if you don't know how, I'll walk you through it.
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    I believe I can fly fish

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