Okay guys, I'm back...time to liven this salty stuff up a tad. For those of you that know me, sorry.
For those of you that don't, my home waters are Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River and the St. Johns River (fresh).
I've retired from guiding, but that doesn't keep me from slinging golden flies at redfish, snook, trout and tarpon over here on the east coast of Florida. I'm now managing The Fly Fisherman here in Orlando after I retired from my real job.
Little reporting: Tarpon are in the Mosquito Lagoon right now up to around 80 lbs, and of course, the reds are hitting early and late when the water cools off a little.
Two weeks ago, I had a speckled trout hit "at" the fly that, according to my son in law, was around 32"...seriously. The big gals are here.
I'm hoping to get out Sunday morning with my new rod if it comes in today (keep yer fingers crossed). I finally sprang for a Sage TCX 8 wt with the 6080 Sage reel. It will be rigged with a Rio Bonefish line...love that stuff!