Just got back from 3 1/2 weeks in Montana. Fished the Beaverhead, Rock Creek, Clark Fork and Georgetown lake. Needless to say the Beaverhead was awesome. Rock Creek has always been difficult for me. Clark Fork was just so. Georgetown was incredible. Not just the fishing but also the sights. Bear and Moose, what can I say. If fishing in Montana wasn't enough, we had the distinct pleasure of fishing with Huey Lewis on his property in Stevensville. He is quite the gentleman. Not only did he take us fishing but helped us as well. He tied on his own flies on our lines and took us to certain places on his slough so we could try to catch a difficult Bitteroot trout. Afterwords we chatted with him around his kitchen table while sipping beer and dining on a snack witch he prepared for us. What a treat! It's hard to discribe the feeling of talking to someone who talks so candily about musical groups like the Dooby Brothers or Chicago, playing for or traveling with. It was a trip worth remembering for a lifetime.