I guess I'm just thick but I'm still banging my head against a wall trying to figure out how best to apply varnish to thread wraps on a bamboo refinish project. Here's what I'm using:

Man-O-War spar varnish
I'm using Naptha to thin it - about 25%
I've got test wraps both nylon and 3/0 silk on scrap bamboo
I'm brushing it onto the wraps using a small sable brush

I've seen many posts here where you guys (and gals) are using all different "tools" to apply varnish to wraps. From brushes, to chopsticks to knitting needles but the ACTUAL TECHNIQUE to apply it is still confusing me. Do you brush or at least spread the varnish onto the wraps or do you let it "drop" onto the wraps and flow around on its own? Are the first couple coats brushed on to get the varnish worked into the threads and then the final coats dripped on?

Should I be thinning the varnish? I've got a project where I've stripped the old varnish off and have to refinish the entire rod. I don't have the headroom to build a dip tube and since I have the Man-O-War I'm planning on using the "turkey baster" technique to apply the varnish. With this technique I've read that I should thin the varnish 25-30% (more? less?) to make it like water so it flows smoothly. Should I be thinning the varnish for the thread wraps too or should I be applying it full strength?

When should I apply the next coat? Can this be done while tacky or should I wait until the previous coat is fully dry?

Finally, how many coats should I expect to apply to get a nice glossy finish?

Thanks everyone. I know I'm making this out to be harder than it actually is.