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I would like to buy a spool or several spools of 8/0 fly tying thread like that pictured on the left side of the picture below. I'd also buy a spool or two in 6/0 if available.

The trouble is, I do not know for sure what brand it is, or what color it is/was called. I think it is Danville's pre-waxed thread, but I'm not certain. I've had this spool for a number of years (it was probably a 200 yd spool) and it is nearly gone, and although I looked in several fly shops no one had any of this specific color.

For the color contrast, the spool in the middle is UNI-Thread in Rust Brown, and the spool on the right is Benecchi's, presumably in Orange.

If you have any of this for sale, you can email me at flyfisher_17557@yahoo.com, or PM me here. Likewise I'd appreciate knowing where I can buy this from a fly shop.

As always, thank you.

Looks to be a ORVIS thread, look there.