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Thread: Fly Shop Break In

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    Well, Harry Huff, the owner, is the one who replied to my email.
    If they are the only Danielsson dealer in NJ (Apparently they are NOT the only one in the U.S.), and if Mr. Huff does in fact employ this juvenile, then he has the link to inquire about his comments and dragging Mr. Huff's business into a Frey.
    Mr. Huff asked me to call him, but to what avail? If Jeffery works for him, he can deal with it. If Jeffery does not, then the point is moot.
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    First of all I wish to send my sincear apolijes to the shop owners who have been hit by this horrid event. I will do my best to keep an eye out for the reels. I know a shop that has stuff that has "fallin off trucks" and will take a look at what they have. As for the other isse it seems to have been delt with and I wont go any further then to say I'll pray for the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonefishwhisperer View Post

    really? I have full priviledge to sell Danielssin Reels myself and I dont even have a shop...I also know of several others within 20 minutes of me...bet that makes DavidWratchford feel lots better

    hope you get the thieves and can enjoy full prosecution
    Sooo? I can buy Sage, winston, tfo, Ross, AND Danielson, and resell Danielson, and after the cost of shipping it is not a very good deal for me. Much less of a discount that the other mentioned. If I could get Danielson for a good price I might be tempted.
    Danielson has a program that lets tons of people resell their reels. No way a fly shop could make a profit off of those prices tho

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    I agree...extremely easy to sell the reels...basically just ask...I do not actually sell anything but am on the guide program with whatever I use and usually that gives you the option of also selling...I leave that to the fly shops...they need all the business they can get to compete these days...for that matter most every reel made has the same options for guides and certain other circumstances such as media icons etc....still this doesnt help get the shop its reels back though

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