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Thread: Native Ultimate 12 with flotation

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    Default Native Ultimate 12 with flotation

    The Ultimate is becoming legendary for its stability and comfort.

    I have some growing concerns however, should a capsize occur. I have never felt in danger on my own, however I fish a lot of alpine lakes and many of them are large enough for motorized craft. I can foresee the time when an out of control boat or pwc causes a real problem.

    My concern started when I read this thread on another forum:

    The pics show a swamped Ultimate with enough flotation to keep it at the surface but a self rescue or even bailing was impossible.

    I purchased two of these:,...ation-Bag.html

    I've always been a minimalist fisher anyway so there is still plenty of space for my spartan selection of gear.

    Today I intentionally swamped my ultimate in safe water to see if self rescue is possible with the float bags. I'm happy to report it is. The craft floats with as much water as it wants to take plus my 220 pounds with about 2.5 inches of freeboard. This was repeatable with 3 attempts. Righting the capsized Ultimate was no problem.

    Stability with a craft 3/4 full of water was drastically reduced. But it was possible to re-board and assume the seated position. A bailing scoop or pump is mandatory.

    I did not have a camera at the water but here are some pics of the Ultimate in the driveway.

    Safe fishing

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