Just got back from Buzz'.

He let me lawn cast the Cabellas Traditional II 9' for 8 wt that he just built.

The blank is a warm golden olive green. It is beautiful. It is fast action. It is smooth. It is a cannon.

With only a few casting strokes to get the feel of the rod, easily picked up 50' of line, gave a bit of a haul on the forward cast, and shot line to about 75-80'. Fishing distances, more like 40-50' for the kind of fishing I do, were literally a flick of the wrist. With really good accuracy. No telling what a really good caster could do with this blank. Except kglissmeyer might happen along and let us know ??

Buzz can finish a rod with the best of them. Given a high end Sage or Winston or whatever with comparable rod action and the rod that he just built, the average guy would probably take Buzz' rod for function, appearance, and workmanship, not to mention cost.

Here's a link to the blank - on sale for $29.99 to 49.99.