well, last year during the thanksgiving sales i went and finally bought the kayak i had been saving up for. its a nice little thing, and is light enough that i can carry it with one arm. i thought this would be a convenience. as it turns out, when fishing in it it does not take much to move it, and trying to stay in one spot is a B****. even catching a small bluegill is getting the boat moving. not much, but enough to be a bother.
but anyways, i had decided yesterday to go catfishing in it. chicken livers, shad, giant hooks, the whole shebang. and it wasnt long before i hooked a big one. and thats when i found out that a 7-8 pound catfish can tow my boat wherever on earth it wants. i ended up losing that catfish because he headed straight for the shore and then made a sharp right turn running parallel to the shore. the momentum from the run to shore ended up putting driving me right up on shore. i lost the fish as i was hassling with getting my kayak back out.

but now to the point: How do you all deal with large fish pulling youre kayaks around? do you use an anchor, or just let the fish pull you around until it tires?
thanks for any help.