Just wondering if anyone ties on a Regal vise. I'm considering the Medallion model and after reading the descriptions on their web site, it seems the stainless steel jaws would suit me best. I've tied on an HMH for the past seven or eight years and although I love the vise, I'm starting to notice some hook slippage. I am not a fan of "true-rotary" vises (I hate the position they force you to put your left hand in when tying) and after seeing the Regal at a fly shop this weekend I'm strongly considering one. I've heard all the stories of the jaws chipping from improper hook placement but it seems they've solved those issues with the stainless steel jaws. I tie trout flies pretty much exclusively. Mostly I tie in the #14 to #24 range, I do tie some bigger streamers down to #6 and some midges #26. I'd love to hear opinions from anyone that tying on one.