Been raining for two days straight; but, weather held out on the rain for the Kiwanis Kids Fishing derby yesterday. Out T.U. Chapter has volunteered to help out the last 3-4 years. Was expecting about 50 kids but only had about 30 and a few parents. Kids caught a lot more fish then last year as they finally took our advice and started fishing mostly on the bottom. Five acre pond isn't really too deep. They also caught a lot of the fish on worms this year as opposed to power bait. I was helping clean fish with two guys from the Kiwanis crew. We cleand the trout, bagged them and wrote the kids name on the plastic bags and into an ice filled cooler they went. Kiwanis folks handed them out to the kids after lunch in the park. Saw one poor little feller, about ten years old, all by himself sitting on the side of the pond and not looking too happy. Went over and asked him what was the matter and he said he couldn't catch any fish. Asked what he was using and he had a piece of old brown power bait on the hook. Told him to get a worm from one of the blue boxes they had and asked if he'd like me to cast it out for him. He said yes cause he couldn't get it out very good. Showed him how to do it and let it sink to the bottom and then tightened the line. Said he needed a bottle of cold water. They had in a nice ice filled cooler full for everybody so told him I'd hold the pole while he got one. About the time he left I felt a bite and slightly set the hook. Yelled at him that I thought a fish might have taken the bait and handed him the rod and told him to pull up quickly and set the hook. When he did the pole started bending and he was really surprised. Told him to reel and, like most kids, as he was reeling in he started backing away from the pond at the same time. Hard not laughing but I think we all did the same as kids. The drag on the cheapie poles isn't too good but he finally got it in and was really surprised. We took it to the fish cleaning station and cleaned it and put it in a bag, wrote with his name on it, and into the ice filled cooler it went. He asked if I'd help him some more so we did the same deal again and pretty soon he hooked another one and this was a beauty. It was about 16" or more and weighed probably two pounds. He had quite a time getting it in and I finally was able to grab the line and lift it over the edge of the pond. Didn't want him to lose it. He was really happy when that one was put into his bag. I had to stop a bit and help at the cleaning station and a few minutes later he came back and asked if I'd help him again. So, off we went and pretty soon he had his third fish of the day. he tied for the most fish caught and also the biggest. It was almost time to quit and head back to the park for some food but he was reluctant to go. Just as I was about to make the last cast of the day for him he made it all worthwhile and said, "You're the best caster here. And, you know where all the fish are."