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    I'm dissapointed in my fly line's life expectancy. I was on the water yesterday fishing a 7 wt and then threw my 3 wt for a bit. I noticed that the line I have spooled up for the 3 wt which is a SA 4 wt nymphing line is all cracked in many spots after 2 seasons.

    I spend some time on the water each year, many people fish more than I do. Since Feb 10th I've enter 15 outtings into my log. That's roughly 5 or 6 times a month on the water. I also fish more than this one rod for most of my outtings. Of the 10 outfits that I have the 7 and the 3 do the bulk of the work.

    Someone mentioned that there were fly line companies that had a 5 year coating warranty. Air Flo maybe? If I had a line last 5 seasons that would be at the top of my list vs one that only lasts two seasons. I don't have the receipt for that line any longer, but am dissapointed enough that I don't wish to buy that same line again. It would be different if I stepped on it and cut it up or did something else stupid to it, but it deteriorating after just a couple seasons for a $60 line, I find it unacceptable.

    So what is your experience with the life span of your fly line? By the way, I have a Teeny Fly line tool that I used with a cleaning solution to clean my lines. In other words I take the line off of the reel and clean the lines and recoat with a product made to clean fly lines. I maintain the lines and still have problems.

    Your comments are appreciated.

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