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    Angry Wis DNR Clueless....

    Did you hear about the recent manure spill that will wipe out fish in the Kewaunee River and stop the DNR from planting anymore for a while because now it's considered a non-worthy stream(large egg-stripping station in located on this river). Seems the DNR never cared to check the site where they approved a large manure storage facility for a Mega-farm to see if there was any old "drain tile" near it ,that would cause the spill that occurred. In other parts of the lake Michigan watershed(just miles from this spill), cows are freely allowed to graze in streams and discharge their waste directly into creeks that eventually run into Lake Michigan and Cheese Companies are allowed dump effluent with BOD levels 500X above the limits. What a TOTAL JOKE the WDNR has become!!!!
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