I've been thinking of getting some wading shoes with low tops, as compared to boots or sandals, to use for wet wading in the summer.
- I don't like the thought of sandals, as it seems it would be too easy for sand and gravel to get inside
- Some of the low top wading shoes look like a good thing, but I haven't seen any yet with sticky rubber soles with studs (like StreamTread, AquaStealth, or other brand).
- I checked out a pair of Korker Torrent shoes today, but really don't care for the removable soles to be honest. They just don't seem like a very sturdy, secure sole setup to me.
- Simms has a low top "wading" shoe called the Pursuit Shoe which look nice. They look like they would be good on the trail, but am not sure how well these grip on slippery rocks in the river. They have a sole called RiverTread, but I wish they had the StreamTread sole which will accept carbide studded screws.

Does anyone have any experience with the Simms Pursuit Shoe, or know of any other good alternatives?

Thanks for any feedback from anyone who has already been through this search!