You saw the fish caught on this rod. A few things happened that day that are worth mentioning. Right off the bat, I launched the tip section due to my failure to seat the ferrule properly. (luckily it was recovered) I attribute that to my lack of experience with metal ferrules. The flip up hook keeper disappeared ,apparently slipping out from under the thread wraps without damaging the wraps. (Those familiar with this type of hook keeper know it only has one side to wrap on) And last but not least, the rear section of the struble reel seat backed off just enough to make it difficult to remove the reel at day's end. I mention this because even though I've built a lot of rods and have had virtually no problems...When venturing into the unknown like this boo build , even I can make a few mistakes.

All that being said, those problems were easily fixed, with exception of the hook keeper.
If I want to install another( which I do) the threads will have to be cut off and re-done.

Which brings me to my latest dilema. I'm not sure I like the handle or the reelseat.
Functionally it is fine, aesthetically I am not personally happy with it. I may make some changes, so "stay tuned". Again, one of the great things about rodbuilding is the ability to make it the way "you" want it !...........................Ed