A guy is walking down the street and asks for a light from a man smoking a cigarette outside a bar. The man pulls from his pocket a very large Bic lighter and lights the cigarette. "Wow! where did you get that lighter?" he asks. The man replies "from the genie in the bathroom". He goes on to say that if you go into the bar, into the restroom, into stall #2 and flush the toilette three times a genie will appear and he will grant you one wish. So he walks into the bar, into the bathroom, into stall #2, flushes the toilette three times and magically a genie swirls up from the water. The genie then tells him he will grant him one wish. Quickly he replies in disbelief "I want a million bucks!". The genie tells the him his wish is granted and to go out side to receive his wish. Eagerly the guy runs outside stands next to the man with the lighter just as a million ducks come flying in from the sky landing all around them. The guy is now stunned and a bit confused. Laughing, the guy with the lighter says "yeah the genie is a bit hard of hearing, did you think i really wanted a big Bic?"