Only in Lawrenceville, GA, I swear!! I drove into the gas station at Pike Street to fill my car up. I noticed 2 police officers were watching a woman who was smoking while filling her car up.

I thought, is she stupid, crazy, or both, especially with the police standing right there?! .. I minded my own business, filled up the car, and went to pay, then I heard someone screaming!! I’m talking violent death screams!

I looked round and I saw that this woman's arm was on fire!!!! She was swinging her arm, running around and going nuts!! In seconds the police had the woman on the ground and they were putting the fire out!!

Then they put handcuffs on her and put her in the police car. I was a bit shocked, couldn't believe they arrested her, surely she ought to be in an ambulance and not a police car?! Me being nosy as I am, I asked the policeman what they were arresting her for. He looked at me, dead serious, and said, "WAVING A FIRE ARM”!!