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Thread: $10,000.00 Theft !!!

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    Default $10,000.00 Theft !!!

    Most of yoll know ive been gone on a long trip, fishing, rock climbing & sight seeing on up into canada & on the way there... was a great trip up till the last 3 days anyhow... my neighbor, which is an elder lady that dont get around real good had a key to the house so she could feed my flying squirrels & ferrets while we was gone... anyhow she called & said the house had been broken into & the police called... A report was made... come to find missing was a solid gold wedding ring of me wife bought in indonesia, a gold & silver pocketwatch of mine, me sons psp & games... 6 desks & video equipment i used fer tying classes out in the tying room which is behind the house was stolen also... the ring was a gold puzzle ring with a 1 1/2kt diamond, pocketwatch was a pair case verge fussee gold & silver with a gold chain & key fer winding the watch made by connell in 1796... all the desks was mahogany with several drawers & a fold down front... no broken windows are anything... i know who did it & he is in prison now, not just fer stealing our things but stealing from his realitives & 15000$ hot check warrent as well... glad he got locked up but it dont replace whats been stolen... whats worse, we was helpin this guy out by givin him a place to stay free of charge, sleepin under our sheets in 1 of out 2 spare bedrooms & putting his feet under our table 3 times a day till he got back on his feet... even got him a job... just thought i would put this post & say that if ya gonna help anyone out, make sure ya do a in depth background check beforehand... found that out the hard way...
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