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Thread: Mustad Planning to Shaft Us, Replacing the Standard Hooks

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    This is Horse Apples, and is a blatent lie. The replacement hooks cost almost TWICE as much as the old one. It is really all about doubling the price of hooks to us and making twice as much per hook! They think that we will all just switch to the new hook, smile, and pay two times as much.

    Hi Gandolf,

    I checked Jann's Netcraft out just a few minutes ago and the new series hooks that you mentioned in 94840 are going for $2.85 per a 25 pack, or $5.70 for two packs. I have a 2007 Stoneriver Outfitters catalog that lists them at 5.75 per 50 pack in it for that same style hook back then.
    On another forum this past year, the moderator posted some pic's of Mustad 94840's that he had ordered and the bends on them were more like what's on a 3399 wet hook so they must have had some type of major quality control issues that may have prompted this.
    If they did in fact double the price I would have a major problem with buying any more, but it doesn't appear that way to me right now. Some changes can be for the better.

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