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Thread: Mustad Planning to Shaft Us, Replacing the Standard Hooks

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    Default Mustad Planning to Discontiue the Standard Hooks

    Hi All,

    Very bad news.

    Mustad has advised the retailers that they are discontinuing their standard fly tying hooks before the end of this year such as: 9672, 9671, 94840, 3906b, etc.

    This is not a rumor. I spoke with Hook and Hackle and Cabelas yesterday. Cabelas is out of many sizes of the standard Mustad hooks and advised that they will not buy any more....when they are gone they are gone. The standard Mustad hooks are not in this years Hook and Hackle catalog.

    Mustad sent out a letter advising that their standard hooks were not made to consistent size change specifications (or something like that), and that hook size changes were varied from model to model.

    To fix that supposed problem, Mustad has brought out a new product line of replacement models. The "signature" series, and it has the new model number combined with the old model number so that we will know what model has the same shape as the standard hooks that we have been using for years. Example: old 94840, new R50-94840.

    If anyone knows how to contact Mustad please post it.

    I have edited the title on this post and deleted much of it to reflect the current knowledge on this item. (1/13/09 Gandolf)

    Thanks and regards,

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