Alot of debate about how much is too much for a rod....what about reels. As far as I'm concerned, price doesn't interfere much in my decisions on fly rod purchases. But how nice of a reel do you need? Now I'm talking trout fishing, where most of your fish get stripped in and the reel isn't much more than a fancy line holder.

I tend to gravitate towards the middle end of the spectrum, and have mostly $200-$300 dollar reels. Reels that have decent drags, and designs. The exceptions being in steelhead and salt reels where drag is more important to me and I spend a little more. And I have less expensive reels on some of my lighter rods, as well as a number of less expensive backup, and spare reels (for odd sink tips, and tapers that aren't used much). Only one reel out of the price curve, which is a bling bling Hardy I needed for asthetic reasons only.

Anyway, what kind of reels adorn your rods...any TFOs bearing abels...or maybe a TCR with a Martin??