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Thread: what about $600 reels

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    Default what about $600 reels

    Alot of debate about how much is too much for a rod....what about reels. As far as I'm concerned, price doesn't interfere much in my decisions on fly rod purchases. But how nice of a reel do you need? Now I'm talking trout fishing, where most of your fish get stripped in and the reel isn't much more than a fancy line holder.

    I tend to gravitate towards the middle end of the spectrum, and have mostly $200-$300 dollar reels. Reels that have decent drags, and designs. The exceptions being in steelhead and salt reels where drag is more important to me and I spend a little more. And I have less expensive reels on some of my lighter rods, as well as a number of less expensive backup, and spare reels (for odd sink tips, and tapers that aren't used much). Only one reel out of the price curve, which is a bling bling Hardy I needed for asthetic reasons only.

    Anyway, what kind of reels adorn your rods...any TFOs bearing abels...or maybe a TCR with a Martin??

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    I fish panfish to bluewater so I have a wide range of gear. I tend to buy gear that is good enough to do the job reliably and is pleasing to use. If I spend a little extra (or a lot), usually it is for some of the more extreme stuff like tuna fishing.

    Oh, I've put a Cortland Rimfly on my Sage 990 RPLX a time or two when fishing for bass. You might see me fishing that same rod with a Battenkill, Teton, Ross Gunnison or Big Game, Loomis Synchrotech, or Abel Super (won in a raffle). I might use my Daiwa Lochmoor on my Sage 490 LL as well as my St. Croix Imperial 2/3 wt.

    But in the realm of trout fishing, a couple of Ross Cimarrons, a pair of S.A. system 1 reels, and a couple of Orvis Battenkill's along with the Daiwa and a Pflueger Medalist take care of my needs and they are matched St. Croix Imperial, Sage LE, FLi, LL, DS, and RPL+ rods - without regard cost of each item when they are married for a day of fishing.

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    Right now I am very contented using my TFO rods, Albright reels and the SA Mastery lines. I'm just getting back into fishing after about a 5 year lay-off and buy what I can afford. If I ever get my Social Security settlement, I may break down and invest in something more pricey. But... I like what I have so much right now that I'll probably keep right on investing more in what I have. Dance with the one that brung ya... that's what I was told anyway.


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    I'm afraid we have more of collection than I care to admit...

    While there are a number of old Pfluegers, a SA1, and a couple of $20 LLBeans...these have not been fished for many years. Some still carry lines for teaching.

    Because we fish the salt, even our fw gear has a salty aspect. A 5 or 6 wt can be a lot of fun in a school of chomper blues.
    So, for sizes 5-7 it is Teton Tiogas, Ross Gunnisons and Tibor Lights.

    I do not need a $600 reel in this size range; but, I do need a sw friendly drag!

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    hmmmm....do you folks fish...or collect fishin' gear???.... )

    mojo who never has to figger what rod/reel to use...only one here.. )

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    The wonderful thing about this sport it that WE OWE NO ONE ANY EXPLANATION OF OUR EXPENDITURS!!! buy what ever you want when ever you want and if your wife finds out LIE!!!lol


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    Hmmm, There is something about a reel... and the way it looks and feels in your hand. I guess most of my reels currently would run from $200 to $400 with a few $100 dollar Battenkills thrown in. Some reels I never use and never intended to use when I bought them. Just stick them away to be admired a couple of times a year. Probably I use the CFO's and Bauer the most. Used to use only Hardy. Just liked the "Click" of a Hardy. .. Balans, Forbes, Bradleys, Abels, and a couple of others I can't think at the moment are stored away down stairs. Many were bought to match some new rod I just had to have. I have them put the backing and line on for me. Often get an extra spool too. Don't fish salt, just trout...And you are right about striping them in however I do try to get fish that feel like a decent one on the reel.

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    oh boy.
    I've got a ross san miguel for the 5wts along w/ an orvis battenkill LA.

    I've got a ross colorado for the 2wt.

    a ross rhythm for the 3wts w/ a spare spool for the 1wt.

    hardy jlh superlight for the 4wts.

    ross gunnison for the 8wts.

    I think that about covers things.


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    My rods are adorned with enough reel to do the job. Most of my fishing is out of the yak for bass/panfish. Orvis Battenkill 3/4 , Ross Colorado 0, White River Classic UL (very nice little reel), all click drag reels , BPS Hobbs Creek LA. For the salt, I am currently fishing an Okuma Integrity 8/9 and it has held up fine and has been a pleasure to use. I will probably upgrade to a Tioga 10 when that one dies. All of these reels are quality reels that get the job done. I expect that the Ross, Orvis, and White River Classic will be with me for at least the next 20 years.


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    Most of my reels are Orvis: a CFO, 2 Battenkill Bar Stocks, a Rocky Mountain, a Mid Arbor and even a Clearwater. None of these reels cost me over $150. They all work just fine so far. I do have one $600 reel I bought for an investment rather than to fish with. That is one of the Abel Limited Edition reels, James Prozek's Brookie. Now that I am getting into bamboo I want the classic and traditional look; I will and have bought with that being the most important factor in mind.


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