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Thread: How do anglers feel about PETA

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    Default How do anglers feel about PETA

    Personally I don't know much about this group but did stumble across kentuckyfriedcruelty.com, thus stumbling acoss other peta videos.

    1. If those videos are factual, then I support PETA in their efforts to establish ethical treatment for animals especially as it relates to domestic creatures. Seems some of those animals are heart wrenchingly treated.

    2. But as an angler, I think they should not be able to attack fishing and hunting as a cruel endeavour, for one, animals are in there environment where they live natural lives, in natural surroundings confronting natural elements. They are not subjected to the same harsh reality as domestic animals, that is to say things that are unnatural.

    I think they have a place, but mostly as a domestic watch dogs.



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    PETA people eating tasty animals

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    Almost everything in life that involves humans can be statistically quantified. When it is then shown on a graph, it always comes out as a bell curve. Most of the people are clustered near the center on either the left or right of the center. The farther you get from the center, the fewer people there are.

    PETA people tend to come from the extreme far left of the bell curve when it comes to anything having to do with animals other than humans. I suspect most of us closer to the middle of the bell are either shaking our heads in disagreement or in wonder at their extreme positions.

    (Hey folks, how's that for diplomacy?)

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    My personal opinion of "watchdog groups" such as PETA, is that they seek not equal & fair treatment, but a tip of the "scales of justice" toward their agenda. In PETA's case, their agenda seems to include the generalizing of ALL fishers & hunters as cruel, inhumane beasts. In addition, many years ago, they attempted to thwart the construction of a flood control dam (in Missouri, I think) as the waters to be dammed were the last known breeding grounds for the "snail darter" minnow.....CERTAINLY more important than human life. Personally, I think PETA is comprised of a bunch of NUTS! Once again, I have chosen to express myself in a "politically correct" manner....that is, in an Irish sort of way!

    This site's about sharing!
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    I personally think they have way too much time on their hands...check this out. [url=http://www.boreme.com/boreme/funny-2005/rat-monster-p1.php:4cb34]http://www.boreme.com/boreme/funny-2005/rat-monster-p1.php[/url:4cb34]

    hope this opens.

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    PETA says the "right" things to get people involved and to raise funds. They are confirmed associates of and contributors to the Animal Liberation Front, an animal terrorist group who goes around burning labortories on university campuses, destroying private property of businesses and individuals, terrorizing and threatening hunters and fishermen, which PETA also does and very much condones and encourages, and harassing hunters and fishermen in general and does not consider man a "part of the natural environment". All this has been documented in newspapers across the country and from the lips of PETA leadership. The FBI has listed animal terrorist groups as one of the organizations to be watched and considered the most dangerous. I won't bother with the political correctness my good friend Mike did. I'm admire his ability to hold his tonuge on this group of terrorists. PETA is dangerous, hypocritical and has no agenda other than to stop you, us, from enjoying our chosen activities and to stop anything to do concerning the "consumptive use" of animals. I warn you to not be seduced by their lies.

    Recently, in one of our southeastern states, local authorities kept finding the carcasses of dogs and cats in dumptsters. As the investigation evolved they learned that PETA members were somehow acquiring these animals from local verternarians and when they couldn't find homes they killed them and placed them in dumptsters, certainly not what they imply in their literature. When the local vets were questioned they told the authorities it was the end of their association of PETA. Once more PETA members were charged with several misdemeanors and I believe one or two felonies, a not uncommon ocurance. This is from either the American Hunter or The North American Hunter, I forget which.

    Ingrid Newkirk, who may still be the head dog at PETA, once said something to the effect that, a dog is a cat is a fish is a boy, implying that your/my son is the same as the animals. I tend to disagree. Give PETA no credence, respect or funds. I have no knowledge of anything really good or useful PETA has ever done for real animal welfare. Their use of that is a false front. A recent check on their internal financing indicated that the vast majority of their funding goes directly to "administration costs" which translates into big salaries for the leadership. I can't emphasize enough that one should avoid this group, especially any kind of outdoorsman. They are indeed the enemy.

    For any PETA members who may read this and are offended.....well....if the shoe fits, wear it. The truth can be brutal.


    There is no right way to do a wrong thing

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    Sharps; you're right on the mark. Most people who succumb to this sort of crap, from whatever organization, not just PETA, have not done any homework or investigation. They get caught up in the rhetoric and emotion and that makes it gospel.

    I remember reading about a fellow who was a great orator back in the 30's and 40's: got a whole nation behind him using the same tactics...what happened to him?

    Oh, if the American people weren't soooo gullible.


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    Vegetarian: Primitive word for "lousy hunter"


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    well if your an angler and you support them then you didnt see thier new flyer earlier this month. i couldnt find it but heres a snippit from the ny post

    October 5, 2005 -- IF you took your kid fish- ing this summer, there are animal-rights people who are saying you are a bad parent.

    The fact that the folks at PETA think that way is no shock, but they are trying to get at you through your kids, which is totally unacceptable.

    PETA supporters began passing out graphic flyers to youngsters on Sept. 24, a day celebrated by sportsmen as National Hunting and Fishing Day but recognized by antis as Fish Amnesty Day.

    The flyer says "Your Daddy Kills Animals" and tells your children to ask your daddy why he's hooked on killing.


    princess anne, eastern shore of md.
    Princess Anne, Md

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    PETA is just plain evil!

    Jeff - AKA Dr. Fish
    If it has fins and swims than I must chase it!

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