It's been my experience over the years fishing some of the cypress swamps bordering
the north shore of the Santee Cooper Lakes of South Carolina, that short fly rods can
and do serve a very useful purpose. Some waters are just too darned tight to be
fished any other way except for a short flyrod, short spinning rod, or dynomite.*G*

I find the short rods to be a real treat in the right waters. I have a 6' 2 piece cane for
4 weight, a 6' 2 pc graphite Diamondback in 3 weight, and a 5 foot Beaver Meadows 2 weight rod
by JP Ross. I have longer/heavier rods, but danged if I don't prefer to fish these little
guys the lions share of the time. I have no trouble spotting my flys where I want them
or getting hooksets. Just my personal preference.*G* Warm regards, Jim